"... The concept of the proposal is clear, well defined and provides an excellent framework for achieving the tangible and realistic objectives of the proposed project ..." - proposal evaluation, EC, Dec 2012



"... The proposed measures for spreading excellence, exploiting results, and disseminating knowledge are very appropriate and the types of stakeholders to be engaged in these measures are very comprehensive ..." - proposal evaluation, EC, Dec 2012



"... The proposal presents systematic and strategic ideas for translating vision to action plans and roadmaps for engaging different stakeholders, thus ensuring sustainability beyond the project duration ..." - proposal evaluation, EC, Dec 2012



"... End User engagement is a core aim of this proposal and this is reflected in a very strong and focussed dissemination programme operating at a number of levels to maximise impact of the project findings across all user communities ..." - proposal evaluation, EC, Feb 2011



"... The web tools that are used in the project website are very efficient and very cost-effective compared to others seen in other projects ..." - EC Officer, Jun 2010



"... The proposal has a very clear and effective dissemination strategy and should have an impact across the EU and beyond ..." - proposal evaluation, EC, Feb 2009


"... The consortium has an excellent well planned multilevel system of measures for international dissemination ...
" - proposal evaluation, EC, Feb 2009



"... A further benefit is that the consortium even contains a specialist for dissemination and presentation methods ... "- proposal evaluation, EC, Feb 2009