Samui Services

Samui can support technical and research projects in a variety of ways.  With over 25 years of research management experience across a variety of project types and scales, we have solutions to address most scenarios.  Samui online tools have evolved with research projects and the internet, since 1995.

Samui has worked in coordinator, partner, third party and subcontractor roles across many different European research projects (from Framework Programme 4-7, ERANET, Infrastructure Support and now on to Horizon 2020). Samui also provides similar services for different government and technical organisations worldwide – same problem – just larger distances! The advance of internet based conferencing systems also helps to support team working in a variety of ways.

Samui can offer:

  • Guidance on effective team and project management approaches
  • Specific tools and processes to support different scales and types of project coordination and team communication – tailored to meet project specific needs
  • Support in event planning and management, whether workshops or conferences
  • Support and facilitation for science – policy – stakeholder integration