About Samui

Samui was established in September 2000 to meet the growing needs of organisations developing and implementing their business through a combination of printed, web and new media.

Samui has worked for over 100 different clients covering both private and government sectors, in the UK and internationally. Whilst working in a wide range of sectors, from retail to the environment, Samui has developed specialist skills in the provision of services supporting technical and research project management, team communication and research dissemination.

The expertise that Samui brings to a project is in the design and development of a professional and easy-to-implement Communication and Dissemination Plan. This includes the development of a project brand and website thus ensuring that all project ‘products’ are easily recognisable, the development of appropriate and intuitive tools to facilitate team and project management and the development of innovative, but most importantly, effective approaches and techniques to ensure effective research communication and dissemination to targeted audiences.