About Samui

Samui was established in September 2000 to meet the growing needs of organisations developing and implementing their business through a combination of marketing tools including printed, web and new media.

Samui has extensive knowledge of event management best practices gained from over 15 years of experience. The company proudly offers professionalism, personalised service and cost effective solutions supported by the most up to date technology and systems in the industry.


Our services are tailored to your specific requirements. Our clients always remain in control of their event, whilst saving time and resources in the management of any aspects if an event, from the original planning phase all the way to budget control. Our aim is continuity of management, control over your budget and a better understanding of your requirements.


From day one, we are committed to the success of your event.


Samui has worked for over 100 different clients covering both private and government sectors, in the UK and internationally. Whilst working in a wide range of sectors, from retail to the environment, Samui has developed specialist skills in the provision of services supporting event management, technical and research project management, team communication and research dissemination and exploitation.