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Free professional assessment of your website

- Samui is offering a free professional evaluation of your website

Is your website more than 2 years old or are you unsure if it is performing as well as it should?

Samui can provide you with a free professional assessment of your website. We will use our near 15 years experience in designing and developing websites for organisations large and small to evaluate your website's look, effectiveness and usability and provide you with a report that will include:

  • A list of directories where your business has been found
  • Where your website is performing/under performing on social platforms
  • A review of your mobile rendering, making sure your mobile site is prepared for browsing
  • Search Engine optimisation - What is good and what could be improved
  • Usability - including the load time of your site
  • An assessment of the look and feel of your website, whether it is appropriate for your business and whether it could be perceived as outdated
  • An assessment of the usability of your website: is it easy to use or likely to put your users off

At the end of September 2013 Google introduced it's new search algorithm 'Google Hummingbird', which was the first major update since 2001! It's a move with the times, focussing more on the meaning of your content rather than specific keywords within your website copy. This provides webmasters with the opportunity to be more fluent with their web content and less concentrated on keyword filling, which often led to hard to read content. Now Google has made the leap to the 21st Century does your website need to make the same leap?

If you are interested in receiving this free assessment report for your website, please contact Richard Holmes at or 01295 278216.


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