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Are You Responsive to Change?

- Is your website responsive to the mobile revolution? Can you target your content to a changing audience?

A website has grown from an information tool to a powerful marketing tool. It represents the business, the people in the business and the audience you wish to target, acting as a shop window to anyone who browse's past. Enticing visitors into your website depends on the content that you offer and the way that you present it but do you have full control over the content that you display?

Samui has been developing a powerful Content Management System that is enabling a growing number of clients to easily update and maintain the content of their website. To find out more about how it can help your business continue reading or call us on 01295 278216 or email us at .

2014 has very much been focussed on the growing trend of internet browsing taking place on the move across a wide range of devices. With fingertip browsing set to continue your website needs to be as fast paced as your customers, delivering content on any device that is up to date and relevant.

"Responsive" [ri-spon-sive]:adjective: reacting quickly and positively.

When we talk about a responsive website it's generally a reference to having a website that responds to the range of available internet browsing devices, from hand held to widescreen. It's predicted that mobile internet searching will overtake desktop searches during 2015 and if you are not 'reacting quickly and positively' to this trend it will turn into a negative responsive for your business.

"A CMS that saves you time and works whilst you sleep"

Having a responsive website also means having one that can be managed to maximise your SERP (search engine ranking position), if you can't update the content you can't keep your site up to date. Having the ability to add a news feed or upload your latest photo gallery are simple yet effective methods to keep your website current. These are just 2 tools available with our CMS (Content Management System) that boasts an advanced SEO capability, allowing you to work on your SERP with ease. Our CMS will:

  • automatically generate a sitemap for submission to search engines
  • allow you to update the important meta title and description displayed in search engine results
  • allow you to undertake advanced SEO tweaks such as page prioritisation, setting page language and controlling which pages are indexed.
  • add Open Graph tags to your pages to optimise sharing a page on social media.
These features are over and above the ability to:
  • add, edit and delete pages / site links.
  • manage users and control authorisation of each user
  • add custom web forms to your website

We also have a wide range of tools to add-on to your site that include:

  • a news system including home page ticker
  • a calendar of events
  • a blog
  • a document library
  • a photo gallery including homepage slideshow
  • a case studies / portfolio promotion tool
  • a media library to present videos
  • a members area tool
  • an online shop and booking system

all with integration to social media and with your SERP in mind.

Samui has been working hard to deliver a CMS that saves you time and works whilst you sleep. If you have read this far then it's your turn to be responsive and call us on 01295 278216 or email


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