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The Need for Speed!

The Need for Speed! image. - Even if you've read past the title of this email you won't be reading much further unless I get to the point quickly.... allow me to. Your website has an estimated 4 seconds to load before you start to see a significant drop-off in your visitor rates. Any longer than 4 seconds and you've already lost an estimated 25% of potential customers!

Was that quick enough for you?

OK, I appreciate your time is still very precious so let's make this simple. Click the button below, send me your website address and I'll send you a FREE speed test report to make sure your website is maximising its potential.

Test My Website

Still have time?

If you have time for a more detailed explanation, that's good to hear. In such a fast paced world it's nice to know not everyone is dropping off within the first few seconds! So, why the rush? Competition on the internet has grown enormously over the years and users know that they have a choice. If a website is taking too long to load they can simply move on to the next one - your competitor's! Having a website that loads quickly, gets your visitors past step one and into your virtual world where you will no doubt have plenty of useful information, offers, products and services on show, all within easy reach, so don't get lost behind the 4-second drop-off.

What affects page load speed?

There are a number of factors that can affect the time it takes to load your website, not all are under your control, such as the user's internet speed, however, acceptable loading speed is relative for each user. They will be aware they have a slower connection but will be comparing your website's load time against others' on the same connection, so it's even more important under these circumstances to be the quickest, to ensure repeat visits.

So what is under your control?

  • Website's coding standard
  • Website's Hosting capabilities
  • Website's configuration settings

You may not realise that these are under your control or that of your webmaster. Ensuring that your website has been written to the latest coding standards, is hosted on a server capable of managing your website's traffic, design & features and ensuring your website is using the full capabilities the hosting server has to offer are all simple steps that can be taken to drastically improve your website's performance.

Email me your website's URL and let me test your website's performance with a FREE report on how it could be improved. Send me a competitor's website URL as well, and I can compare the performance of both sites so you can see which of you is losing the 25% of visitors! Email or call Richard on 01295 254574.


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