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Only 2% of school websites are 'good'

Only 2% of school websites are 'good' image. - A recent study of school websites, across England, showed just 2% of the secondary schools examined passed the speed test.

Primary school websites faired slightly better at 9% but the research by Cogent demonstrates that schools can do a lot more to improve their websites for both prospective parents and current parents.

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Website speed is a key factor in today's world of instant access but it's not the only consideration. Having a responsive website that allows visitors to view the website on any device is a major consideration in this digital age. With 62% of adults now possessing a smartphone it's fair to conclude that the majority of parents will try accessing your website via a mobile or tablet. Being able to find the information they need, on smaller screens, is therefore imperative. The Cogent study found that nearly two thirds of its sample did not have a responsive website, from both the Primary and Secondary school sector.

Being mobile-friendly does not require costly development of an app or necessarily a redesign. Ask about our mobile friendly conversion to get your current site up to date.

2 click rule

This research has presented many striking statistics, some that could be predicted, but the content review shows the most immediate action requirements for many. The DfE have published guidance on what must be present on school websites but over half of websites reviewed failed to comply with providing a named contact, accessible within 2 clicks. A school website offers parents a means of engagement but knowing who to contact, when and how, not only assists parents but also school administration staff. No contact details or having the information deep inside the website forms a barrier of frustration to your user as well as failing to comply with DfE guidance.

Having developed several school websites we are in a position to advise on such necessities. Bringing your website inline with national standards should be a Summer priority, so start with a FREE assessment of your current website. Call Richard on 01295 278216 or email


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