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Ensure that child information is secure - Parents Portal

Ensure that child information is secure - Parents Portal image. - There is no doubt the internet provides schools with a powerful resource.

A school website is a multi purpose tool to engage with prospective parents, current parents, governors, staff, inspectors and pupils. Inevitably you will want to promote children's work, advertise events and post documents online whilst considering the security of the information. With a secure parents portal you can protect their information as well as making the most of your website.

A parents portal has the following benefits:

  • Secure area for parents only content
  • Single location for parents to visit
  • Publish pupil project work securely
  • Upload letters, newsletters and documents
  • Link to current school database to save on additional administration
Linking your current school database with the parents portal would allow you to continue managing parents' contact information as you already do, with updates being automatically pushed to the parents portal database, saving duplication of work but keeping the same level of security. School leavers would be removed and new entrants added automatically, each with a unique login allowing for specific content to be delivered upon successful login.

St Andrews School in Pangbourne has been successfully using the Parent Portal with Samui's CMS, becoming a paperless school in the process, thanks to the flexibility and intuitive nature of the parent portal. See what it can do for your school by contacting us at or by calling Richard Holmes on 01295 278216.


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