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Royal Ascot tipped for the top!

Royal Ascot tipped for the top! image. - This week the racing world will be joining the Queen in a week of racing excellence, but how can you use this for your own SEO benefit?

Keywords, or key phrases, are the most important element of an SEO campaign. If you're number 1 in Google's rankings for your key search phrase you may still find you're not getting the traffic expected if it's a key phrase that is rarely searched for. We can use Royal Ascot as an example of this principle.

The key phrase 'Royal Ascot' has an average monthly search rate of ~27,000 per month but this doesn't tell the full story. In June, 'Royal Ascot' is searched ~165,000 times, by far outweighing any other month of the year with July seeing a drop off to ~8,100 searches. This is to be expected, but such information of your own key phrases can guide you on how to write content for your website and when to write it.

During the rest of the year Ascot Racecourse has many other events to promote and a look at the search phrase 'Ascot Racecourse' shows a more consistently spread ~6,600 searches per month. It should also be noted that when searching for both the example key phrases, the number 1 search result, in the UK, is for the Ascot Racecourse website, but different pages within the website. This is an excellent example of making every page on the website work for a range of key phrases suitable for your business.

Samui can help you analyse your key phrases and prepare a more complete SEO plan for your website. Contact us at or call Richard on 01295 278216 to see how we can help you get started with Search Engine Optimisation.

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